About Contexti | Big Data Analytics

About Contexti

Contexti is a premier Big Data Analytics Services company.  

We implement big data platforms and analytics solutions that leverage structured and unstructured data assets, enabling our customers to drive growth, innovate and compete.

With expertise in Hadoop, NoSQL and Data Science we provide consulting, training and managed services.

Partner with Contexti, and together, let’s Create Value from Data™.




Why leading enterprises work with Contexti


  • Big Data platforms and Analytics solutions are our core focus. It’s the only thing we do.


  • Implemented a data platform for a leading financial services company that is processing 4.5 billion records. 
  • Implemented a cloud-based analytics solution for billion dollar retailer operating across US, Europe and Australia.
  • Built the technology architecture / roadmap for a government education department for leveraging analytics to support adaptive learning 
  • Advised an Asian Telco on technology platform architecture for processing real-time data 


  • We are the leading Hadoop, NoSQL & Data Science training company in Asia Pacific 
  • Our CTO was named in the inaugural ‘Champions of Big Data 2013 list’ 
  • Leading platform vendors and server vendors have selected Contexti as their big data delivery partner for Asia Pacific 


  • Putting technology and platform choices aside, our mission is to help customers Create Value from Data™.