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Contexti Philosophy

While we work at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, we are grounded by the philosophy that it’s all about people. 

At Contexti, we bring together a diverse group of people, who are passionate about solving problems, who love to serve customers and who are seeking personal & professional growth.

Strategies change, technologies come and go, new skills can be taught but culture, values and purpose are engrained in the core of each business. 

At Contexti we seek to be mindful of the company we keep and be deliberate about how we’re developing the next generation of leaders.

We live, serve, create and grow by our five values.

Contexti Values

Life is short. You want to spend time with good people. We value character in our team, customers and partners.
Transparency is the antidote for team and company cancer. Transparency engenders trust, knowledge sharing and enables growth.
We want to push the boundaries for us and our customers. Innovation in how we think, execute, teach, learn, co-operate & compete.
Speed of response, decision making and delivery of outcomes matter in business.
We embrace the fact that failure and learning from failure are key ingredients in the development of people, products and companies.

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