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Contexti Big Data Platform Services Overview

Contexti provides balanced, vendor-agnostic consulting, systems integration, training and managed services.

Our services are packaged and designed to help customers take a stepped approach, ensuring alignment in business case, objectives, requirements and big data analytics maturity.

Executive Workshop

Targeted at a business audience, this workshop provides necessary education and facilitation to get team members informed, aligned and clear on ‘next steps’.

The Executive Workshop covers key topics and incorporates team activities including:


Business and technical training in Big Data Analytics, Hadoop, NoSQL, R, Data Analytics, Data Science and Visualisation.

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Architecture Review & Recommendation

Contexti's Big Data Architecture Review & Recommendation delivers expert feedback and actionable guidance on ensuring your architecture is designed to meet your business objectives.

The review includes:

  • Business objectives 
  • Functional use-cases 
  • Current technology stack 
  • Technology preferences 
  • Current team and skill-sets 
  • Budget & timing guidelines 
  • Network architecture 
  • Security 
  • Governance
  • Data Platfom (with Hadoop) installed, stood-up and tuned
  • 1-2 data sources ingested
  • 1-2 reports output
  • Often includes a connection to a visualisation tool

Cluster Review & Recommendation

  • Detailed review, assessment and recommendation on existing Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Platform solutions. The review covers over 100 check points.


  • Adding additional data sources and connections, MapReduce jobs, machine learning, reporting and visualisation.


  • Establishing big data platform development and administration standards.


  • Big data platform project rescue and turn around.
Data Science
  • Data Science Strategy and Execution
  • Advanced algorithm building
  • Predictive models
  • Machine learning
Managed Services

Contexti Desk

Monthly subscription service for administrating and supporting enterprise data platform deployments (on-premise or cloud) via scheduled services and add-hoc remote support.

Contexti Platform

Analytics-as-a-Service delivered via Cloud. Customers upload data to Context Platform, Contexti provides Analytics, Dashboards and Visualisations.  


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